Route choice exercise 1: Kisapirtti

Kangasala-Jukola terrain is currently under half a meter of snow, but according to the record-breaking pace of registration, it seems like the upcoming summer highlight is already in the minds of orienteers. Now, for the joy of winter days, we offer bits and pieces from the upcoming orienteering challenges in the form of route choice exercises.

Our course setter duo has planned several route choice exercises to the Kangasala-Jukola training terrains and these will be published on the official website over the spring. The tasks are super simple: just draw the route you think is the best. Which means draw the route which leads you to the next control fastest and safest.

The suggested routes by course setters with explanations and tips will be published some days later.

First task is prepared by Jarkko Liuha and it is located in the Kisapirtti terrain on the border of Kangasala and Tampere. The example leg is quite long and provides various route choice opportunities. The terrain is stony in the ground and slow in places. It is a popular recreational area, so a dense network of paths speeds up the running considerably. What is your choice for this leg?