Training in 2017

There will be six alternative maps at disposal during the summer. The map of Lahti Sports Centre will not have control points. Elk hunting and orienteering competitions make some restrictions. Training in the competition areas will be allowed first after the competitions, Hollola-Rastit in Tiirismaa on 14th May, 2017 and Lahti-Suunnistus in Santaveräjä on 5th – 6th August, 2017. The other areas will be at disposal from 20th April, 2017 and without controls flags even earlier.


Maps: size A4, scale 1:10 000, control descriptions on the map, printer copies by Grano.

Cost of the maps: 7 €/each, with or without control points. Sending by post 6 €/order.

Control markers: small control markers in Tapanila, normal-sized control markers in the other areas.

Training at night: The control points are equipped with reflectors for night training.

Parking: marked on the orienteering maps and on the location maps on the web page.

Ordering of the maps:

Contact persons (questions): Juha Hirvonen, +358 443138088,

and Aleksi Anttolainen, +358 445050293,


1. Tapanila: from 20th April, 2017

A 7 km long course which is especially intended for night orienteering. The beginning and the end have more paths and less vertical interval. The middle of the course offers larger depressions without paths. The training can also be done in daytime and then we recommend to use another map alternative without paths. The course setter is Teemu Niskanen.

Good runnability, lots of paths, heath forest with depressions. Includes areas of large depressions and areas of small depressions.

Parking: The parking place of the outdoor recreation area at the end of Mäkirinteenkatu (Street).

Mapping: Jarmo Pikkarainen in 2013. Updated in 2016.

2. Tiirismaa: at disposal after the competition, from 14th April, 2017

Technically very demanding middle distance training including plenty of control points. The course setter is Juhani Jaskari.

An extract from the statement of the course setter of Hollola-Rastit, Juhani Jaskari:

The ridges and slopes around the 327 metres high TV-mast at the top of Tiirismaa hill have a large number of adjacent re-entrants, hollows, mounds and rock faces. The area north of the mast is flatter but consists of lots of depressions.

Parking: The parking place of SEW-EURODRIVE, Muovitie 1.

Mapping: Jarmo Pikkarainen 2015-2017


3. Urheilukeskus (Lahti Sports Centre):

An outdoor recreation area with paths and good runnability. Some areas have depressions. There will be no control points.

Parking: The parking area of Lahti Sports Centre, Salpausselänkatu 7. Note that the parking time is restricted / parking disc.

Mapping: Jarmo Pikkarainen in 2016

4. Vihattu: between 20th April, 2017 – 5th November, 2017.

Middle distance training. Suitable for day and night. The course setter is Aleksi Anttolainen.

Heath forest with depressions, in some places slow, stony ground. Situates next to the terrain of the Jukola Relay.

Parking: in a gravel pit, N: 6764970 E: 411190 / ETRS-TM35FIN

Mapping: Arvo Paulin, Jarmo Pikkarainen in 2016-2017.

Rahametsä (5) and Santaveräjä (6) are two parts of the same area with depressions.

An extract from the statement of the course setter of Lahti-Suunnistus, Juha Hirvonen:

The competition area consists of different kinds of terrains with depressions. On the map, there are both 50 metres deep pits and areas with lots of details and depressions. between them, there is heath forest with good runnability. In August there can be tall grass that reduces speed. Many forestry tractor roads and paths cross the terrain.

5. Rahametsä: at disposal between 20th April, 2017 – 5th November, 2017.

3 x 2 km interval training with forking (so called one-man relay). The total length of the training is 7 km. Four different courses with forking. The course setter is Aleksi Anttolainen.

Parking: in an open area to the left of a forest lorry road. N: 6763090 E: 411700 / ETRS-TM35FIN

Mapping: Rauno Asikainen, Jussi Silvennoinen, Kristian Liljeström in 2015.

Updated in 2017.

6. Santaveräjä: at disposal after the competition, between 6th August 2017 – 5th November, 2017.

Relay training with forking. The length is 6-7 km. For day and night. The course setter is Juha Hirvonen.

Parking: on the both sides of the building in Tennilä’s sports field, Tenniläntie 800. Driving on the proper sports field is forbidden.

Mapping: Kristian Liljeström, Arvo Paulin, Jarmo Pikkarainen in 2015 – 2016.

Updated in 2017.