Competition center accommodation and wind shelter locations

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There are limited parking spaces in the north of the competition center. The bus loading / unloading areas are in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation areas (marked on the map).

1. Tent pitches

Tent pitch map.

Tent pitches must be booked through the online registration system by 31st May 2018 at the latest.

The camping sites for tents are located in thinly populated forest areas and the pitch sizes are approximately 10m x 10m. The camping areas are located approximately 400 to 800 meters from the entrance to the exchange area. Payment must be made in full before you are able to choose a suitable pitch. Up to date tent pitch information can be found from here.

The campimg areas can be seen from the map above. The tent location code consists of the first letter of the area name, the block and the tent number (e.g. the code MB02 means that the tent is located in the area called Männistö, at block B, tent place 2).

2. Team tents

The organizers have made available 390 team tents in the vicinity of the competition center. Each tent can accommodate up to 16 people, these tents do not have heating. Of these 390 team tents 200 are reserved for international teams. Finnish teams wishing to rent a team tent are kindly asked to contact the Jukola accommodation services at If, after all international teams requests have been processed, there are any team tents left, they will be released for general availability in May 2018.

3. Wind break shelters

Teams can reserve wind break shelters, which are located in the vicinity of the exchange and finish areas. Reservation can be made via the Jukola accommodation services at

Wind break shelter pitches are located in a thinly populated forest area and areas and the pitch sizes are approximately 6m x 6m. The top 50 teams from last year’s Joensuu-Jukola, have the privilege of the 50 closest pitches to the competition center. In order to secure these places, those clubs must confirm the reservation by the 1st Feb 2018. Clubs with at least 8 participating teams (Jukola + Venla) have the right to reserve two wind break shelters. Wind break shelter piches will be allocated, after the 9th May 2018, on a first come first serve basis. Use of wind break shelters as overnight accommodation is strictly forbidden.

4. Hammock Accommodation

There is a reserved area for use of personal hammocks, which is located in a thinly populated forest area. These places cost 5€ and can be reserved, and paid for, at the information center in the competition center area.

5. Motor homes and caravans

The parking and accommodation area for mobile homes and caravans is located at the Kukonkoivu industrial area, about 2.5 to 3.0 kilometers from the competition center. Places must be reserved and paid in advance through the online registration system. Places are limited and they allocated on a first come first serve basis. The exact parking space will be provided upon arrival. When arriving, you must follow the organizer’s directions.

6. School floor accommodation

There are a limited number of school floor accommodation places available. These are located about 2.8 km from the competition center. School floor places must be booked in advance via the Jukola accommodation services at by no later than 9th May 2018. Payment is made through the online registration system.

Information about hotel and cottage accommodation, you will get from Lahti Region Ltd.

Good options for accommodation during the Lahti-Hollola Jukola you will find from this page. It is also worth arriving for the Lahti region before Jukola or stay for a holiday after Jukola. All accommodation providers in the Lahti Region, including cabin rental and B&B’s are listed There is also lots of information what to do and see during your stay here in Lahti region.

Private accommadations

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Commercial accommadations

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