Jukolan viesti


Jukolan viesti is the compound name of the 7-part orienteering relay for men and 4-part relay for women, which on its own is called Venlojen viesti. Jukolan viesti has been organized annually from 1949. The women’s own mass start, Venlojen juoksu, was held first time in 1951 and as the participant amounts grew, it changed into Venlojen viesti in 1978.

The atmosphere in Jukola is often described as unique and it is always an impressive experience both for the first-timer and more seasoned participant. Jukola collects together the international orienteering family, both the top athletes of the field and hobbyists. It has grown to be the biggest adult sport event in Finland and in the Finnish Sport Gala was chosen as the sport event of the year in Finland in 2010. The enthusiastic volunteers are a crucial part of the fine atmosphere of Jukola and they make it possible to organize it year after year.

The owners and founders of Jukolan viesti is Kaukometsäläiset ry. The management team of Jukolan viesti guides and oversees the execution quality. The chair of Kaukometsäläiset is also the chair of the management team and other members of the rest of the board is formed from the representatives of the Finnish Orienteering Association and the Finnish Defense Forces.

Upcoming Jukola relays

2017 Joensuu-Jukola (Kalevan Rasti)

2018 Lahti-Hollola Jukola (Lahden Suunnistajat -37 ja Hollolan Urheilijat -46)

2019 Kangasala (Kangasala SK)

2020 Arctic Circle -Jukola, Rovaniemi (Ounasvaaran Hiihtoseura)

2021 Mynämäki (Mynämäen Suunnistajat -52 ja Liedon Parma)