16,373 orienteerers enrolled to Joensuu-Jukola

Picture: Petteri Palmi. 

Joensuu-Jukola organised by Kalevan Rasti is the highlight of the summer for both top orienteerers and hobbyists. Jukola’s atmosphere is described to be unique and it is always an impressive experience for a first-timer as well as a seasoned visitor.

Joensuu-Jukola- offers especially demanding North-Karelian orienteering with an excellent map and hard-surface competition centre, where the distances are shorter than on the previous years. You can take part in Joensuu-Jukola as a competitor, a volunteer or a spectator.

In the first stage of registration there were 1,070 teams registering to Finland 100 Venla Relay and 1,297 to Jukola relay, both of which are records for the first stage registration.

Based on the second registration stage, there will be 16,373 competitors orienteering in Joensuu-Jukola. The registration will continue until the beginning of June and the final amount of participants will be known in 2.6. The amount of teams in Finland 100 Venla relay is so far 1,302 and in Jukola relay 1,595.

The amount of Jukolan viesti participants have been growing in the long term. Especially the location affects the amount of participants. Joensuu-Jukola is the easternmost Jukola relay in history, which shows especially in the small number of Swedish teams.

– With Finnish teams we reach for the same level as last year. In practice, the difference to last years numbers can be explained with the small number of foreign teams registering. Compared to previous years, there is now less than 100 Swedish teams. We’re satisfied with the current situation, tells the competition director of Joensuu-Jukola, Arja Makkonen.

Russian teams have registered to Joensuu-Jukola 53. The amount is on the same level on both relays as in previous years. There is teams registered from 17 countries to Joensuu-Jukola and we expected to still get more international teams.

Most teams have registered Helsingin Suunnistajat, which have 17 teams in Finland 100 Venla relay and 15 in Jukola relay. Tampereen Pyrintö has 18 teams in Venla relay and 9 in Jukola relay.

Jukola relay Number of participants
Kytäjä-Jukola 2010 15,302
Salpa-Jukola 2011 14,835
Valio-Jukola 2012 16,859
Jämsä-Jukola 2013 16,308
Kuopio-Jukola 2014 16,324
Louna-Jukola 2015 18,115
Lappee-Jukola 2016 17,558
Joensuu-Jukola 2017 16,373 (registration continues until 1.6.)

Finland 100 Venla relay’s new throphy

Finland 100 Venla relay is already the 40th Venla relay. The 6th challenge cup of Venla relay is called the Keys of Venla. It is designed and produced by Kailahden kivikerho in Helsinki.

The Keys of Venla have been hand-crafted based on Finnish lady of the house’s keys and mainly by using recycled materials. The lady of the house’s keys have always been a sign of appreciation and respect for their owner, so let the same be the effect of the Keys of Venla for all female orienteeres. The four keys depict the four legs of Venla relay and the link between them in turn the unity of the team.

Of the win of Finland 100 Venla relay and the Keys of Venla there will be competing at least the last years winner, Norwegian Halden SK and Swedish Stora Tuna OK and Danish OK Pan Århus. Other favorite teams are Finnish SK Pohjantähti and Tampereen Pyrintö and Swiss Ol Norska.

Defending their win of Jukola relay will be Finnish KooVee. IFK Göteborg, which won Tiomila is favourite in the men’s relay. Paimion Rasti and Tampereen Pyrintö are also interesting Finnish teams