How to arrival to Joensuu-Jukola

The competition centre is located at Eno school centre, 35 kilometres north-east of Joensuu. You will find all info about Joensuu-Jukola from Event Invitation.

Terrain is varied North Karelian hilly terrain. Terrain is technically demanding and physically challenging. Joensuu-Jukola offer true orienteering in untouched nature! Joensuu-Jukola trainings by Mari Väänänen, Thierry Gueorgiou, Jan Procházka, Santeri Silvennoinen ja Aaro Asikainen are available from May 5.

Register your team to Joensuu-Jukola

Entry Fees by 10th May 2017 by 1st June 2017
  at 11:59 p.m. at 11:59 p.m.
Venla/team 189 € 314 €
Jukola/team 328 € 544 €

Paying is done via online payment. The booking should be paid before the closing of the end the register level’s time so that the price is the same. Secretary General  Sami Leinonen (sami.leinonen@jukola.com) will answer questions related to entries and payment.  Registration of Joensuu-Jukola 2017.

Tent places and wind shelters

Current tent places have been sold out. We aim to increase the amount of them. In 19.5. there will be more information of the extra tent places. The tents will be available for booking in the tent booking system. The 167 wind shelters available for sale have been sold out. The organizers are looking into the possibility of getting the teams more wind shelters in the spring. Tent places and all 167 wind shelter places for the teams have been sold out! Organizers are looking for new opportunities to get more places during the spring.



Link to Google Maps.

Club buses staying on the organised parking area will have to book their parking in advance by 1st June 2017 through the electronic enrolment system. The bus parking area is in Joensuu and is free of charge.

Parking Fee of the  camper or caravan will rise after 10th May from 45 € to 90 €.

Shuttle bus from Joensuu

There will be a shuttle bus from Joensuu city centre to the competition centre following the route Joensuu-Eno-Joensuu from Friday to Sunday. The bus route is Racetrack-Travel stop at the market square-Lehmonramppi-ABC Uuro-Eno.

On Saturday 17.6. the shuttle bus from Joensuu starts at 6.30am and the last bus to Eno leaves from there at 10pm.

Buses from Eno to Joensuu leave every half and hour. During the night from Saturday to Sunday the last bus from Eno to Joensuu leaves at 2.15am.

On Sunday the buses from Joensuu to Eno leave at 6.30am – 12pm.
Buses from Eno to Joensuu will be organized every half an hour from 7.45am – 3.15pm.

Bus transportation from Joensuu train station

We will organize a chargeable bus transportation from Joensuu train station to Eno on Saturday 17.6. from the trains arriving from South at 2.40pm and 5.40pm. On Sunday 18.6. we will organize a chargeable bus transportation from Eno to Joensuu train station so that the participants can catch the trains leaving south at 12.17pm and 3.17pm.