Joensuu-Jukola aims for the participant record

Joensuu-Jukola, organized by Kalevan Rasti, combines challenging orienteering and the hard ground of the competition centre. Based on the first stage of registering, there will be over 18,000 participants orienteering in Finland’s biggest adult sport event.

Kalevan Rasti organizes Joensuu-Jukola on Eno in 17. – 18.6.2017. The competition terrain is dominated by Harpatinvaara, which rises 110 metres from the surface of Pielisjoki-river. Joensuu-Jukola offers an authentic orienteering experience with skilled and physical challenges in North Karelian hilly terrain. The legs for both Venla and Jukola relays are created by Petri Vainio and Simo Martomaa. The competition map is created by Jussi Siivennoinen.

The competition centre will be build at the Eno school centre. The competition centre will have a hard ground and the distances are shorter than on previous years. There will be bus transportation from the city centre of Joensuu to the competition centre.

So far there is 1,070 teams registered for the Finland 100 Venla relay and 1,297 teams for the Jukola relay, both of which are records for the first stage of registering.

– The unique and impressive atmosphere of Jukola still enthrals people and now there is a change to enjoy it in North Karelia. After the closing of the first stage of registering, we can even expect a new participant record. So far there is already 13,359 participants. Teams can register until 1.6.2017, tells the Competition Manager of Joensuu-Jukola, Arja Makkonen.

Jukola relay lures annually orienteeres from around the world and we are expecting participants from over 25 countries to Joensuu. Most foreign orienteerers to Joensuu-Jukola comes from Sweden, Norway and Russia.

– So far there has been fewer Swedish orienteerers registering than on previous years, but orienteering and Jukola are growing with the increasing number of Finnish hobbyists, celebrates Makkonen.

Most teams registered comes from the Finnish sport club, Tampereen Pyrintö, in which colours there will be running at least 18 teams in Venla relay and 8 in Jukola relay. Helsingin Suunnistajat has 12 teams in both relays.

Many team of friends or co-workers are competing of the funniest team name of Joensuu-Jukola. In Finland 100 Venla relay there are for example Kohta löytyy (Soon finding), Kohti rastia ja sen ohi (Towards the control point and beyond), Kadonneen Rastin Metsästäjät (Riders of the Lost Control Point), Kepsi-Kimmat (GPS-Girls), Sporttimimmit (Sport girls) and Ihanat Maisterit Baanalla (Lovely Masters on the Road) with one and Suunnaton Into (Enormous Enthusiasm) with 4 teams. Local colour bring Enon Kisa-Pojat, Enon Kisa-Tytöt and Enon kisapoikien Ladyt.