Welcome to orienteering capital Joensuu!

Joensuu-Jukola 2017 will be organized by Kalevan Rasti in Eno close to Joensuu. We are waiting for 16 000 competitors and total 40 000 people to take part to the event. Joensuu-Jukola 2017 is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence.

Challenging terrain for the elite orienteers and amateurs

Joensuu-Jukola will take place in challenging and varied North Karelian hilly terrain. Competition area is dominated by the wide hill area of Harpatinvaara, which rises 110 meters from the surface of the river Pielisjoki. The terrain of Harpatti is both technically and physically challenging.

Denseness is typical to North Karelian hilly terrain and it is one of the most challenging terrain type in Finland. We offer you many good and relevant terrains and courses for training.

Joensuu offers much more than just relevant terrains for Joensuu-Jukola. North Karelia is best known from it`s depression terrains. Photo of men long distance WOC selection race from 2013 at Petronkangas, Ilomantsi. Petri Vainio and Simo Martomaa will be setting the courses also for the Finland 100 Venla relay. See the GPS tracking of women`s course.

One of the most legendary terrain in Finland is Juuanvaara. Photo of a part of the men`s middle distance WOC selection race from 2013. Simo Martomaa and Petri Vainio will be setting the courses also for the Jukola relay. See the GPS tracking of men`s course.

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