Greatest moments of Lappee-Jukola 2016

TV broadcast from Venla and Jukola Relay

In Finland you can watch TV broadcast from Venla and Jukola Relay from Yle Areena.

Venlojen relay ja Jukola relay

Photos and feelings

68th Jukola ja 39. Venla Relay competed in Lappeenranta  18.-19.6.2016. You can find the best photos of the weekeend from Jukola photo galleryJukola Relay Facebook and Yle Urheilun Facebook.

Jukola Message 2016

”Vast is the stump-filled clearing, yet beyond its edges your eye cannot pierce; for in the east, the south and the west, forests limit the view and in the north the lofty height. But ascend the height, to its ridge crowned by scattered spruce, and your glance can range far on every side.”

In his novel “Seven Brothers”, Aleksis Kivi, the national author of Finland, describes on several occasions biodiversity in our country.

Nature provides us with many opportunities to promote the use of domestic renewable energies in the energy sector. The Bioenergy Association of Finland aims at creating new jobs and combating climate change by promoting the use of domestic fuels in energy production.

While orienteering all through the dusky summer night in Raippo, Laivavuori, in the southeast region of Finland, we have wanted to carry the message of Finnish bioenergy, to draw people’s attention to the various ways of using our forests and to treasure the uniqueness of Finnish nature.

Lappeenranta, 19 of June 2016

The orienteers of Jukola Relay